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Live Curves™ for the 6H30
The 6H30 is a miniature dual triode that is all the rage today. It comes from Russia and people love it. It is similar to the 6DJ8, but differs in that it is much more buffed: it has a lower rp and mu , plus a greater plate dissipation. However, it requires much more heater current than the 6DJ8. It can be used in a phase splitter and driver circuits in power amplifiers. The amazing spec for this tube is its peak pulse current output of 2-3 amperes! In other words, this tube could be readily used as the output tube in a small OTL dynamic headphone amplifier. In addition, this tube is rated for 10,000 hrs use.

Maximum Ratings
      Plate dissipation: 4 watts
      Cathode current (avg.): 40 mA
      Cathode current (pulse): 2-3 A !!!!
      Max DC plate voltage: 250V
      Heater-to-cathode voltage: 400v

Inter-electrode Capacitance
      Input : 6.3 pF
      Output : 2.4 pF

AC Characteristics
      Amplification factor (µ): 15
      Plate resistance (rp): 2000 ohms
      Transconductance (Gm): 7.6 mA/Voltage

      Voltage: 6.3V
      Current: 0.825 A


Live Curves™ for the 6H30 Program
Live Curves™ See below for download
This is a FREE program John Broskie wrote to display the plate curves for this tube dynamically. Works with Win9x / NT / 2000/ Me / XP. (Contains absolutely zero spyware or adware programs.)

To download the installation file for this program click here or the image above.

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